Noel Venegas, Piano, Violin & Music Makers

Noel is a professional music educator whose goal is to make musical learning enjoyable for all of her students. Noel was awarded a Master of Music Education degree with a focus in Piano from Liberty University (VA). She received a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a focus on Piano and Violin Performance from Thomas Edison State University (NC). Her instructors include Robert Ruckman and Karen Yong. She has been teaching group classes and private piano and violin lessons in South Carolina and the Dayton area for over seven years. Noel includes music theory instruction in all private lessons to help with overall musical comprehension, adjusting to the style and desires of each student. Some of her favorite areas of study include Music Theory Analytical Techniques, Advanced Principles of Music Technology, and Graduate Conducting. In her thesis, she studied the many positive effects of musical activity as the act of performing an instrument on student aptitude in the areas of mathematics, language, and academic motivation.